Star2Star Provides the Highest Quality & Reliability in the Industry

Experience the Highest Call Quality & Reliability in the Market

The Strongest Guarantee You’ll Find

Star2Star can guarantee voice call quality across the unified communications (UC) footprint with 5 nines reliability (99.999 percent) thanks to the unique approach that we take to UC deployment, and we back that with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Unique Architecture And Technology

Customers Chose Us Over VoIP Competitors

We rely on our unique, Hybrid Architecture that consists of the StarBox® Cloud Communication Manager (CCM), and a suite of cloud-based services hosted at highly-reliable, redundant data centers.

The StarBox® CCM provides built-in quality-of-service and call control and connects over IP infrastructure to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which runs on a collection of call routing nodes and data centers distributed across the country.

Using data collected from the nodes, the system determines the best call routing to use for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system, providing crisp, clear audio on every call, with no distortion, echo, or delay. It runs from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no spinning hard drive to wear out or fail unexpectedly.

And of course, we back all of this with professional installation and ongoing support via our expansive network of certified partners.

How we maintain an unmatched call quality and reliability:

  • Continuous Monitoring Of All Systems
  • 24-Hour Network Operations Center (NOC) Support
  • Free Next Business Day Parts Replacement
  • Redundant Data Centers
  • Best Path Call Routing
  • Two-Way Traffic Shaping
  • And Much More!