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VoIP Phone Service Test

Are you considering changing to a VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system?  One possible obstacle is whether your internet service is up to the task–especially if you are considering numerous lines.   This free VoIP Phone Service Test is an invaluable resource for planning your system:  VOIP Test

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Free Virus Cleaning CD

This free virus cleaning product was formerly only available to resellers and business license customers. Now it is available as a free download.   You’ll need to know how to burn the downloaded file to a CD.  Then just boot from the CD and accept all the defaults and it will clean your computer!  Sometimes you […]

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Get 1 hour of FREE Computer Support

Is Your Computer Support Guy Treating You Like A “Bad Date”? Not returning your calls fast enough? Constantly missing deadlines? Not fixing things right the first time?Doesn’t really listen to you? Never following up on your requests? I want to give you 1 hour of FREE Information Technology consulting to prove that we can do […]

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