This free virus cleaning product was formerly only available to resellers and business license customers. Now it is available as a free download.   You’ll need to know how to burn the downloaded file to a CD.  Then just boot from the CD and accept all the defaults and it will clean your computer!  Sometimes you can accomplish this same thing by booting into safe mode and then running a normal AVG scan.   However, this bootable CD approach will work in more situations, for example, when your computer is so cobbled up that you can’t really do anything.   Oh, and it doesn’t matter at all whether you own/use AVG–this works for everyone. 

Click here to download it:

Additional Information:

AVG Rescue CD

Get your business back up and running rapidly in case of system crashes

  • Remove infections, repair files and recover systems with one solution
  • Download free of charge as a CD image or compressed file for your USB drive
  • Performs efficently without impacting network speed

Keep your systems running smoothly with protection from AVG Rescue CD. This comprehensive toolkit repairs system crashes and returns systems to operating at full capacity.

Complete recovery. Completely free.

If malware gets past your security software, AVG Rescue CD can get your PC back up and running. AVG resellers have been using this same solution to recover their customers infected systems and now it’s available to your business, free of charge. It’s your systems clean bill of health without the bill.