<p><strong>Don’t think you’re in danger because you’re “small” and not a big target like a J.P. Morgan or Home Depot? Or that you have “good” people and protections in place?</strong> Think again. Every single day, 978,000 NEW malware threats are being released, and more than HALF of the cyber-attacks occurring are aimed at small businesses; you just don’t hear about it because it’s kept quiet for fear of attracting bad PR, lawsuits and data-breach fines, and out of sheer embarrassment – but make no mistake: small businesses are being compromised daily, and the smug ignorance of “that won’t happen to me” is an absolute surefire way to leave yourself wide open to these attacks.</p><a href=”https://www.techsn.com/wp-content/uploads/HACKED-BUSINESSMAN-SMALLER.jpg”><img src=”https://www.techsn.com/wp-content/uploads/HACKED-BUSINESSMAN-SMALLER.jpg” alt=”” width=”1000″ height=”667″ class=”size-full wp-image-1919″ /></a> one in five small businesses have been victims of cyber-crime in the last year<p> In fact, the National Cyber Security Alliance reports that <strong>one in five small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year</strong> – and that number is growing rapidly as more businesses utilize cloud computing and mobile devices and store more information online.</p><p> You can’t turn on the TV or read a newspaper without learning about the latest online data breach, and government fines and regulatory agencies are growing in number and severity. <strong>Because of all of this, it’s critical that you have these seven security measures in place.  You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are. You earned every penny and every client. Why risk losing it all? Get the facts and be certain your business, your reputation, and your data are protected. <br />Call us at 614-895-8000 or you can e-mail me personally at <span><a href=”mailto:ed@techsn.com”>ed@techsn.com</a></span>.  <br />You can also use this link to immediately schedule your audit:   <span><a href=”http://techsn.setmore.com”>Schedule My FREE Cyber Securtiy Audit Now!</a></span></strong></p>