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Password statistics: the bad, the worse and the ugly

Cybersafety is vital and passwords are a big part of that.  According to a new report, nearly 3 out of 4 consumers use duplicate passwords.  Click here for the full article.

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Thieves stole data on 100,000 taxpayers via IRS app

Few government agencies routinely collect more information on every law-abiding American than the Internal Revenue Service. And by targeting the IRS, a group of seemingly sophisticated hackers has now collected their own chunk of that detailed data. On Tuesday the IRS admitted that it had been the target of a breach that compromised 100,000 taxpayers’ […]

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What’s the common thread in most successful cyber attacks? Users.

The common thread in most successful attacks? Users.   So while the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report found that hackers are getting more sophisticated in their attacks, the root cause remains mostly the same: user error or malicious insiders.According to the investigations:23% of recipients will open phishing messages, and11% actually open attachments from these messages.Most users […]

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Email phishing attacks take just minutes to hook you

Verizon noted that 23 percent of recipients open phishing messages. But simply opening an email won’t necessarily install malware on a machine. More dangerous are the 11 percent of recipients who go so far as to click on malicious attachments.Typically, it takes months if not years to uncover a breach. In 2012, for example, FireEye […]

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Are you prepared for dealing with a network breach?

Are you prepared for dealing with a breach? – http://bit.ly/1IJRVUB

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