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World Backup Day 2015 – Will it motivate you to check your backups?

Did you know over 30% of people never backup anything? Did you know that 29% of all electronic losses happen by accident? Do you know if you have a backup? Check out this incredible infographic courtesy of: Cloudwards.net

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Looking for a password manager?

The best password managers for PCs, Macs and mobile devices – http://bit.ly/1yEEOAz

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Be wary of order confirmation emails

If you receive an email this holiday season asking you to “confirm” an online e-commerce order or package shipment, please resist the urge to click the included link or attachment: Malware purveyors and spammers are blasting these missives by the millions each day in a bid to trick people into giving up control over their […]

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Need a Cost-Effective Cyber-Security Initiative?

The most cost-effective cyber-security initiative you can employ – employee training.   Why?  Because organizations are usually hacked from the inadvertent, nonmalicious but nonetheless unsafe activities of employees.    Learn more here:  http://entm.ag/1uwNERp

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Mobile Apps: No Respect for Your Privacy?

Study: 85% of mobile apps fail to disclose how they use user data – http://bit.ly/1DZuSEH

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