If you are opening a new workplace, relocating. or expanding old your current office, managing the move of your IT equipment will be a critical part of the process. We have significant experience managing IT office relocations. Tech Solutions Now can manage all the IT considerations of the relocation allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Office Relocation


Office relocation may sound simple, but in practice it can prove a complex issue. When relocating an office it means relocating IT equipment and communications circuits. This requires careful planning and expert execution if business is to continue operating in a normal manner.

New Office Set Up

Many times we have the privilege of helping businesses from the very beginning—sometimes before the business even has a name or an office. We assist with naming, branding, and domain name selection so that the initial company identity can be established along with the requisite email systems and company websites. We can assist with the selection of the physical office space and help address the technical as well as human elements.  We can install new networking wiring or test and certify and existing wiring to ensure that is will support your systems.

Project Manager for Your Office Move

We work closely with the landlord, construction teams, local government, and other vendors to insure that your telephone, network, and computer systems are all online for your move in date. We can help you manage all aspects of transferring IT communications, from advance planning, through reconnecting servers and workstations, switches, UPS, routers, backup libraries, firewalls, etc., to ensure your communications operate just as before.